Jason Beachcroft - paddling 'round Australia

Jason Beachcroft paddles round Australia
Photograph:Jason Beachcroft - http://www.jasonbeachcroft.com/
Rosalyn Lawrence, Friday, 7 February 2014

On the 12th of January 2013, Jason Beachcroft launched his sea kayak from Sydney Harbour, with the intention of circumnavigating all of Australia, including Tasmania.

Just over twelve months later, Jason has recently passed Searcy Bay on the South Australian Coastline.

'Years ago I read Paul Caffyn's book 'The Dreamtime Voyage' and the seed was planted. Now the time has come for me to put my paddle in the water and undertake a great adventure.'

Jason's circumnavigation of Australia is certainly a great adventure. You can see regular updates on his progress and encounters with weather, wildlife and landscape on his Facebook page. 

'I have a passion for our world's natural bounties' - including over fifty encounters with sharks and a crocodile trying to drag his kayak off the beach one night.

Jason's admiration for nature shines through his images of the remote Australian wilderness, but what is even more impressive is his determined attitude; over a week ago Jason broke two ribs, but has pushed through the pain to continue his journey.

Follow Jason's journey on Facebook, send him a message of support and discover more about the man behind the mission using the links below. 



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