AIS Scholarship Holders Inducted on the Gold Coast

Newcomer Bill Bain
Lauren Fitzsimons, Monday, 14 January 2013

The current batch of AIS scholarship holders were last week inducted into the Sprint Program at the NCE facility in Pizzey Park.

Several new faces joined the Program including AYOF team members Bill Bain, Surf champion Lachie Tame and London Olympic Canoeists Alex Haas and Jake Donaghey.

The Sprint athletes currently on scholarship through till April 30th this year are:


William Bain
Stephen Bird
Jacob Clear
Jake Donaghey
Alex Haas
Jesse Phillips
Glenn Rypp
Joel Simpson
David Smith
Tate Smith
Murray Stewart
Lachlan Tame
Matthew Urquhart
Kenneth Wallace
Joanne Brigden-Jones
Alyce Burnett
Naomi Flood
Lyndsie Fogarty
Davis Hannah
Rachel Lovell
Hailey McGinty
Alana Nicholls


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