Draper causes upset in Eildon

Draper in a C1
Lauren Fitzsimons, Saturday, 12 January 2013

Warwick Draper claims C1 title ahead of Hodson & Jeffery.

Warwick Draper caused an upset in Eildon claiming his maiden open C1 national title in 99.86 well clear of the field.

3-time Olympian, Draper showed his versatility with the win in a Canoe. He will contest Kayak finals later today in which he is somewhat more familiar.

Ethan Hodson was 2nd in 109.95 and Robin Jeffery third with a time of 110.36.

Brodie Crawford impressed once more as the fastest junior in 111.39, finishing ahead of many of the senior paddlers.

Finals continue today with Women's K1 up next.

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