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What is Wildwater?

Wildwater is the ultimate combat, human versus river. Athletes must manage a 4.5 meter long, 11 kilogram, very unstable, composite craft down a river anywere from flatwater up to grade 4 rapids. Athletes fight the river, obstacles lactic acid, competitors and themselves to be the fastest.

Courses can be as short as 90 seconds for Rapid Sprints, Classic course range arround the 9 - 30 minute mark or go hard for the ultra distance 133km. Events are usually held as a time trial format, paddlers leave individually with between 30 to 120 seconds separating them from the paddler infront.

Where every second counts athletes look for the fast line whilst delivering maximum power. Wildwater being one of the most physiologically and psychologically demanding of all the canoe/kayak disciplines, as athletes remain 100% focused on an ever changing river whilst redlining their body. 



Victorian Downriver and Rrapid Sprint Dates for 2014
The introduction of rapid sprints has opened the door for a whole new group of athletes.

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