Canoe Marathon


2014 Marathon Championships - Information Here


What is Marathon?

Marathon Racing involves paddling over long distances, on either the flatwater of lakes, and dams, or the flowing water of a river. Australia has many long rivers well suited for Marathon canoeing.  Traditional Marathon Racing competitions, like the World Cup and World Championships, involve a fixed flatwater course with regular portages, where the paddler must carry the canoe or kayak. National Championships are raced over approximately 38-42km.
The longest Marathon Race in Australia is the VicSuper Murray Marathon where competitors will paddle from Yarrawonga to Swan Hill a distance of 404km over five days to help raise funds for the YMCA.
John Jacoby was Australia's first ever World Championship gold medallist, winning the K1 back to back from 1985-88.


Two weeks to Marathon World Championships
The Australian team is in the final days of preparation for the World Championship and the Masters World Cup

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